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Privacy Protection for Lottery Winners in USA

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Privacy Protection for Lottery Winners in USA

Let’s say you have won a Mega Million or Powerball jackpot.
Would you want your identity be announced to public across the nation?

The privacy information policy of lottery winners differ according to countries.
Luckily if you are from New Jersey USA, your identity will be safe.

New Jersey has passed a new law on January 2020 which allows the winners to be anonymous. As a result one winner of Mega Million jackpot worth 202 million dollars is safely unknown to the public.

This move is next to other states like Arizona, Georgia, Kansas and Delaware which allows winners to keep their identity unknown if the winning amount exceeds certain number.

It could be for the safety of the winner as they can be exposed to violence and crime and most of all, unwanted attention. For example one young man who won lottery jackpot was killed in home robbery in Georgia 2016.

Sudden increase in wealth can also create family feud tinted with jealousy. In some Asian countries stories of broken family and even murder can be heard over the new as a result of fight over money. Some winners even commit suicide after losing the money s/he lent to families and friends who found out about the win.

Personal information when specially related to wealth, better be private after all.

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