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Casinos are closing down as Coronavirus Spreads

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Casinos are closing down as Coronavirus Spreads

Yes it is the coronavirus again.
All aspects of life; work, entertainment, manufacturing, traveling are being shut down as Covid-19 pandemic continues.
Now even Casinos around different countries announce of temporary closure.

Multiple casinos across U.S., Latin America and Asia are closed until further notice.
Famous casino such as MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas USA was not spared either.

This means job loss for other related industry staff, such as those working in restaurants and hotels due most of casinos are resort/hotel inclusive.

In USA alone, they are estimating possible loss of nearly 21 billion dollars.

However as offline casinos are closing, the online gaming industry on the other hand are getting ready.

In USA few states (Nevada, Pennsylvania, etc) already offer internet gambling of poker or other casino games. Some can do betting on sports but since the sports games are suspended, the demand has decreased to non-existent.

It is not difficult to guess that if the home quarantine will not stop for next few months, the gambling platform will shift to online extensively.

But not all hope is lost as Macau has recently reopened casinos with strict hygiene procedure of ‘no talk, no drink and must wear mask’ policy. They are checking temperatures of the players upon entry. This may be adapted in the future by other countries when they reconsider opening. We will see how it will go in few months.

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