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Have you heard about ‘Animal Crossing’ game? What is the fuss about?

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Have you heard about ‘Animal Crossing’ game? What is the fuss about?

If you are a netizen, you may have read on twitter, instagram, facebook, in almost all social media posts about Animal Crossing. Wonder what it is about?

“Animal : New Horizons” is a game from Nintendo Switch, and there has been a rise to players of this game across the world. It is hitting the net by storm.
Players are sharing screen captures of certain scenes, events or what their characters are doing in the game.

It is an easy simulation game with anthropomorphic animals, like Sims but cuter. Way cuter. You will be in an island and be asked to build a community. Enjoy various activities like fishing, hunting for fossils, gardening, decorate your house, etc.

You can invite your friends or choose to meet new people by multiplayer mode. Its social aspect is what could be one of attractions of the game as people are locked down in their own homes these days.
Interestingly, game play is real time too, as when you are playing at 9am, the day time in the game is 9am also.

Game has some reality aspect through the raccoon character portraying the evil money lender, a tyrant disrupting the peaceful island life.

Whether you miss a buddy day or want to meet new online friends, Animal Crossings can offer a good entertainment.

The game is a big hit so you may not be able to purchase it in the stores. If you want to try, you can buy digital copy through Nintendo eShop.

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